Our Story

We are Nida and Imran, born and bred in Karachi, now living the immigrant life in Toronto. We both left our hometown at the age of 20, travelling back and forth, starting fresh and then re-starting but never quite settling anywhere. Until, in 2019, we finally landed in a city we could see ourselves building a life in.

But the thing with first-generation immigrants is that we always have a home away from home – we are either going home or coming back home; never fully disconnecting from our roots and forever eager to branch out. That’s the sort of relationship we have with Karachi and Toronto.

So when we decided to embark on our entrepreneurial journey, the natural inclination was to find a connection between our two homes. Something that is a reflection of our South Asian heritage and is relevant to our journey in the West; something that would be a celebration of both our homes.

70 Stories is our answer to that search. Each of our products speaks of a story of craft, story of identity and a story of our culture. And how all these elements evolve as they transition into a world so different and so far from theirs. With every purchase, we only hope that you, too, find that connection, write new stories and make more memories.

Our Work

As a brand we thrive on a simple idea — to enable local artisans to use and adapt their creative skills for the benefit of their own livelihood and families. We work with groups of women in the local village of Gothki, Sindh, through a model that allows them to work in the comfort of their own space on their own terms and conditions — offering them control, convenience as well as a strong sense of empowerment.

As a result of the vision we hold for our brand and its creative nature, our association is not just limited to a specific group of craftsmen and women. We also source some of our material from local manufacturers in turn driving their businesses and putting their craft out there for the world to see. 

We strongly believe in doing justice to the effort our team of craftswomen put in and fair pay sits at the core of our business values. 

Our Partners

Our journey of reviving and promoting traditional craft through a modernised, millennial lens is incomplete without the constant love and support of its partners and artisans. Our manufacturing partners Imran and Ammal, are a young and ambitious couple, from our hometown Karachi, on the road to up the ante of Pakistan’s knitwear and cotton exports across Europe and North America. Their business thrives on a thorough focus on the quality and wearability of material which allows us to bring our customers a unique combination of handcrafted, top quality comfort wear.